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167 Raw - Charleston

While you're in , take the time to indulge in a plate of fresh oysters at It's a simple concept: high quality seafood prepared with the utmost of care. The result is some of the best oysters, shrimp, and lobster that Charleston has to offer.

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@mystylevita : My favorite spot!
@fitnessrichard : 👌👌
@blarejune : One of my favorite restaurants 🙌🏽
@qvarmcg1908 : Shelter pet,+ loft
@alexbente : Been there :)
@agent_westcoast : The right credit card for the right reason. 2x MR points for restaurants.
@skboiteux : Vivianne Williams!!!!!!
@sireconsulting : Over an hour wait time on the phone for online travel reservation rep with my platinum card! Absolutely ridiculous wait times when paying such a high cost annual fee! Trying to book a flight reservation online to receive 5x points benefit and Amex travel website is showing a price 2x the price of the website for the same exact flight date and class. Spend too much for slow service
@bdodson3 : How do you get the card that had the black writing?? I've ordered replacements but still white Letters across the top.

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