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We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a first-of-its-kind weekend escape into the outdoors, the Pursuit Series. At these events, you'll play hard, have fun, and learn all of the outdoor activities and skills that you've always dreamt about. All expert instruction, classes, and gear for activities will be provided. Click the link in our bio to learn more and register today! - A big Thank You to our Sponsors: - PC:

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@scott_kranz : Stoked for it 🙌🏻
@dee.625 : Nice shot
@msmoutdoors : This is going to be so awesome!
@liamjmcnally : Can't wait!
@amazingtravellers_ : Magnificent
@bhike22 : Come to Minnesota! I'd be happy to help 😄
@jrheiff : Woo hoo! This sounds so fun.
@theoutbound : We see you Brent! These are our first year events, but always on the lookout for the best locations for year 2!
@monthlypresets : Love the design
@drinkerva : So excited!! 🎉🤗
@nicholasagarcia : This looks awesome definitely going to look into this! Hanks for offering such a cool opportunity!
@ofashley : Pumped on Utah!
@theoutbound : stoked you dig it! Hope to see you at one!
@theoutbound : hope to see you there!
@tarproductions : Looks like tons of fun!
@klbeverley : This is going to be amazing!!! : Fantastic!
@miss_dreuss : Sounds super fun!
@krissy_mae : Signed up!!!!
@beautiful.globepix : Great shot :)
@theoutbound : so stoked! You're gonna have a blast!
@bhike22 : Awesome! Minnesota has a lot to offer. DM me if I can be of help. 👍👊 : I'll be there!!!
@caitlinmahalik : Looks awesome! I really wanna go!
@rose_eternalrecess : That sounds fun!
@leavenotracecenter : Wahoo so stoked!
@gmcdesign70 : Really like the sound of this please send details to garethmcoombs and deidreopp
@trudes.abel : 👍🏻

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