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Pier 36 NYC

The Disrupt NY 2017 Hackathon winner is reVIVE! The hack is a VR tool, created by three high school juniors, that uses three tests to diagnose ADHD. It aims to simplify the the lengthy and expensive process of diagnosing the illness. disrupt

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@juan.antonio_ : Congrats!
@amulya.jpg : Had such a great time hacking at Disrupt!!! It was so nice meeting you all 😊
@scottcbusiness : Nice :D
@drasiahmason : Wow. Congratulations and thank you for choosing a project related to disabilities.
@palmer0013 : Yeaaaaassss congrats ladies!!
@chaddwoo : That's all u could muster?
@basit153 : Didn't the prize money used to be $50,000/- before?
@cloutos_software : Congrats! 🙏
@mubopo : Congratulations 👏
@msarker86 : I missed this one on fb live!! Def going to check it out. It sounds brilliant! Congratulations to them!!
@alex.lopez001 : Well done
@em.mur3 : Congratulations 👏👏
@morteza22hamidi : I wonder if these kids even understand ADHD ??😒
@adamsgonepostal : Wow awesome job!! Innovation is our key to the future.
@meshelluh : they know enough to build an application that won them first place at one of the largest hackathons in the US. So shhh please.
@mdk55 : I wasn't really informed the expense was a barrier of entry for any pharm range practice but good on them to find something for their tech lead.
@albertwienckoski : I am sure those kids know enough about adhd
@albertwienckoski : And great job to them for you using technology to help a cause like that.
@nicholasgph : Nice now more kids can get prescribed pharmaceutical amphetamines.
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@anupam7x : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
@anupam7x : Congrats girls
@hillockink : Great!
@nishasdey : Congratulations. ☺
@ry.9n : amazing!!! kids keep getting smarter and smarter
@fortunoinformatika : Congratulations to winners!
@jean_lozada : Awesome!!
@oztechblog : I hope this doesn't mean more children forced onto numbing medication just because they can't stand the cage they're forced to endure every weekday.
@vincentmartincreative : Congrats, but i'd suggest trying to choose a different project name considering there's a pretty well known application already widely used called ReVive (used for emulating Oculus Home software on the Vive)
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@joeroos_ : Amazing work. Congrats. 🙌🚀
@amir_ayoun : Great work

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