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Happy to the one who showed you how to soar.

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@thegreatplanes : So sweet and so true! 💕✈️💐
@rodr4445 : wow I love this!! Thank you baby!! I'm crying 😂😂😘😘 proud momma!!
@sharmilanc : That's beautiful and thank you🙋
@netronixgroup : 💫💫⭐️
@miamibeachflyboard : Awesome 🌹
@earth.destination : saaaaweeeeet!
@_j.ared : Virgin America knows... All the plane you wanna be, fly away with me, fly away with me - yeah! : Dear VA! YOU MISPLACED MY LUGGAGE AND NOW THAT IT HAS BEEN FOUND, ITS TAKING FOREVER TO GET TO ME. I NEED MY MEDICINES THAT ARE IN THAT LUGGAGE. 😩 : Is my favorite airline offering any coupons or promo codes at the moment? 😃
@brandingxpert : How did they resolve your concern ? How did they compensate you for this delay?
@anitahendrieka : Great photo
@mrsganch : - your customer service is so lacking these days. Merger with Alaska really brought you guys down.
@lrogala : I was told tonight via customer service that my life is worth less to your airline than a $2 bag of peanuts. I have a severe nut allergy and you have refused three times to accommodate my medical condition. You are willing to risk my life over serving peanuts. Ridiculous and unacceptable. Then I was told that you'd rather let me have a medical emergency than refund my ticket. Unbelievable.

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