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'This image was captured in , . A charming coastal town known for the art nouveau architectural style in which most of the town was rebuilt after a fire in 1904. This small city is packed with fantastic Scandinavian food, coffee and art culture that largely impacted me during my time there.' ' - , , .

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@mrcarrot88 : Woooow
@karinabondevik : My hometown☝️😎🇳🇴
@jamielefkowitz : Beautiful! On the list 🙏
@ryugakujohokan : Good👍
@whateyeseanow : Wow! Beautiful! I had no idea parts of Norway were so condense.
@brisaunders : Norway 2018 🙌🏼
@whereintheworldlukeerin : It's neat how all the buildings are nearly identical but each beautiful
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@nadiyadorin : This one too ✨
@jazzz.iie : Omhhhgg😍😍😍
@dojodaniel_ : go exchange here
@lesspressed : 😸 😸 😸
@yllwbrickroad : It's lovely there!
@seek_an_adventure : Beautiful
@giorgio.monticelli : 💚💚💚
@brianchofficial : Such a beautiful townscape 😍
@dasexperiences : Amazing photo
@kaylapotterbaum : oh hey there.. 😬✌🏼
@kaylapotterbaum : it's said that downtown ålesund is as condensed as Singapore (building per ft ratio).
@kaylapotterbaum : you can fly direct from Gatwick to ålesund on Norwegian air. I've done it many times! Very reasonably priced. 👍🏼🇳🇴
@nikbphoto : Great, thanks! 👍🏻
@kaylapotterbaum : no problem! it's an easy 2 hour direct hop.
@nikbphoto : can't find direct but no concern, thanks again
@kaylapotterbaum : that's a bummer. Perhaps the route has been paused or cancelled for now. I hope it comes around again. Was so easy to hop back and forth!
@nikbphoto : Bergen is direct so I may go there, just weighing up the options!
@kaylapotterbaum : oh that's great. Yes it's also a great location.
@ambarleec : light✨
@garethwlowe : Lovely sunset

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