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'I shot this image with my drone last summer at The Atlantic Ocean road about 1.5 hours drive from . Known as “Atlanterhavsveien" (in Norwegian), this stretch of road creates an otherworldly experience as you cruise from island to island taking in the Norwegian sea and mountains you go. It is 8.3 km long and cost over $14,000,000.00 USD to build.' - , , .

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@kaylapotterbaum : wow you live that close? Amazing! Yes, much longer if you miss the molde ferry which I have done... then I just pull out fishing poles and fish. 😀🇳🇴
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@eporty : this is where we went hehe xxx
@stinemarisworld : Haha, that's a brilliant idea! 😂🎣 And yes, lucky me live in this beautiful place, check out the link in my bio if you want to see my airbnb 😊
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@nicochico1 : looked into this but it's 10hrs away!
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