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Esperance, Western Australia

No need to test the water—jump right in. Featured: Wild Abandon One Piece, link in bio.

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@lululemon : Feel free to shoot us a DM on Twitter or PM on Facebook—we'd love to take a peek at store inventory for you.
@lululemon : Keep your eyes peeled to our product notifications—you never know what's coming your way next.
@lululemon : That's not what we like to hear—feel free to shoot us a DM on Twitter or PM on Facebook so we can lend a hand with your Align Pants.
@lululemon : We don't offer cross-border shipping but we do ship to Australia—make sure the flag at the bottom of the page is Australian and you're good to go!
@carianeandrade : I did that but didn't have the option australia. Just American Samoa, Argentina and Aruba. That's the unique countries with letter A on the website. Sadness is sold out. Tks anyway.
@zoey_williston : I was wondering if you guys could make really bright colors like a mint in the define jacket because my mom really wants one that is bright! This is just a suggestion. Please let me know what you think.
@lululemon : Try copying this link into your browser to access the Australian site:
@lululemon : Our designers are all ears and we'll be sure to put in a good word for you.
@jilllabrasseur4 : hoping leotards would come soon because I would love to bring that to some master classes!
@lululemon : Keep your eyes peeled to our product notifications so you're first to know when they arrive.
@heyits_kami : Please make more crescent tank tops!!! The design is so cute but unfortunately I was unable to get my hands on one before they sold out
@lululemon : We'd love to help you track some down and we know just the people that can help. Give our friends at the GEC a call at 1.877.263.9300—if we've got any they'll be able to track them down for you.
@fithairstylist : When will yall make more colors of the smooth stride hot shorts 3.5?! I need them in every color imaginable lol! Im obsessed!!!! I would seriously buy them in 10 colors, i aint playing 😂😂
@lululemon : Our designers like to keep us on our toes when it comes to new colours. Sign up for our product notification emails to be first in the know:
@jodystover13 : I think it would be fun for your "following" to have a vote...what about posting a monthly color/print option on your website for a polling opportunity? Fun for us ...and you! 😉
@isabella_deconti_fitness : Hi! Looking for fitspiration? I post fitness content daily to help you feel motivated in your journey!💪🏻🌿
@lululemon : Thanks for sharing. We're all ears when it comes to ideas.
@kevinkinisky : Got a chance to surf there awhile back. Now on to Portugal in June-July
@gabbslandry : Ohhhhhh they have a one piece
@surfahsistah : Enchanting
@calimommy_bbg : So if I wear it this weekend without a bathing suit underneath and it does turn out to be see thru, can I take it back?
@lululemon : The Wild Abandon One Piece was designed to be worn overtop a bathing suit. If you're planning on rocking it alone, we'd recommend trying it on in-store beforehand.
@calimommy_bbg : I did and I love it to pieces! Just nervous about wearing it to the beach this weekend.
@artemisdancer1 : If u don't already have but can u make 2 piece bathing suits please
@lululemon : Look no further, Payton:
@howlinlamb : is the background music a song? Would love to know what it is if so
@lululemon : Hey Steph. We're looking into this with the right teams for you and will get back with you shortly.
@lululemon : Thanks for your patience! The background music you hear was made by our in-house team.
@ohhjudith : What size is the model wearing? 😍😍

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