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'The Hjørundfjord is one of my favorite fjords in , and easily one of the most overlooked fjords in the region. The mountainside fjord farms are just a small part of what makes this fjord so beautiful.' , , .

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@travelgatos : Wow! 😻
@cloudeibon : I was born in Ålesund. Wonderful place but we are not spoiled on sunshine😂
@uh.maartje : beter gaan we binnenkort weer
@findmynich : Cool place indeed!
@natures_lap : Beautiful
@kaylapotterbaum : hahah heyyy! Thanks friend! 😍😬
@eddieballaga_14 : He guys I'm an upcoming film enthusiast/ photographer. Please show some love and go check out my page. Hit that follow button!! Just a little guy trying to make it in this world! Remember guys always follow your dreams!
@anitaveglia : este es el de la película?
@napablo : mmm me pa q no, pero son todos precidoa
@fennnaaa : vind ik heel leuk 💃🏻
@itslory97 : Amazing!
@ekpanchii : Nice
@jewelwangkm : spectacular,哇喔
@claudia_grifoni : let's go 🤙🏼
@sreesankarpt : Definitely lonely
@sandra_goes_south : 👍👍👍
@alanainwanderland : Norway has gained a lot of travel notoriety and for good reason - dramatic cliffs, plenty of ocean and the freshest seafood!! Cannot wait to visit 🙌🏼💯✈️
@kaylapotterbaum : It's the best!! You will love it. 👍🏼🇳🇴
@mistertravelholic : Great 💪🏻
@annevalladares7014 : Great❤️👏👏
@jodi_alatorre : that looks spectacular! We're going above it around the Lofoten Islands and then to the Fjords near Bergen, I sure hope they look as pretty as these 😍
@alabastergold : If you want to travel the fjords keep in mind that summer (sunshine & no rain) doesn't come to Norway until June and ends in August - the rest of the year the fjords are cold and rainy (this pic was probably taken on a sunny August day). For example, right now it's 50 degrees and storming in Ålesund, and it will be for at least 10 more days. Also check out Geiranger, which is considered the most beautiful fjord by the Norwegians ✌🏽❤️☺️
@brianchofficial : Naturally beautiful 😊
@kevinslayden : I love Norway! 🇳🇴
@lilipad5 : Cool .. I'm sure they are going to be so beautiful! Really can't wait to see the photos .. I know so little about Norway it will be nice to hear your stories about it! :)
@ahappymountainman : is this a fjord? 😁
@kaylapotterbaum : hahah... David. yes. This is a fjord. (Well a fjord opening). When you come visit someday, I'll show you! Basically you can't afjord to miss this spot.. 😑

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