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Strong suit—take it to the beach. What's your favourite summertime workout? Check out the perfect pairings for summer sweats in our Story, including beach-friendly exercises you can do yourself.

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@gracie_mceldowney : And a sports bra^
@sweetnattydee : So much back work! Get it girls!
@dustyharper_ : Hi 👋🏼, I'm Dusty 👱🏼 and I have a lulu addiction.
@mdgiddens93 : Hi I'm Morgan and I'm addicted to lulu
@lemonlimelulu : They are very strong! Thanks for sharing!
@sofiaholmeros : 👌🏻😍💛
@daisyjasminev : will the company ever bring back the "align pant 2" in the colors "olive" and "slate grey" I've been wanting them so bad, I've finally invested enough money for them, but the colors that i want aren't available, please let me know ❤
@lululemon : You never know what our designers have up their sleeve. We suggest to stay posted with our product email notifications for updates on when new gear and colours are released.
@lululemonthepug : Lululemon the pug says "HI"
@lululemon : Oh, hey there.
@brittanycarava : I see you 😏🙌🏼🙌🏼 get it girl!! ❤️
@tara.nicole1 : lmao that's actually not me Britt! I'm in white in the video they posted yesterday evening lol
@jennycol73 : ok eller ???
@carikurttila : du o jag ...
@cupcakes_and_life : These are so great for the beach
@brittanycarava : Lol oooh ok I saw the video too! That's awesomenb
@thebicoastalbeauty : So strong!!!!
@kristin.simon : Bring back camo print please🙏🏼
@lululemon : We'll be sure to loop in our design team for you. Stay tuned with our product email notifications so you're in the loop when new prints and colours are released.
@lavender.emily : love it!! beach bums❤❤😘
@heidimoore4234 : No more fall colors please it's spring...time to bust out the bright and bold.
@lululemon : We'll put in a good word for you.
@emilielyngholmm : You guys should be the sponsoring
@lululemon : We're all about making amazing connections with awesome people. Stop by your local store and chat it up.
@xeniabaral : Insane!
@betel_geuse : When do you guys restock online? All the sizes are pretty much gone in the align pant.
@lululemon : It's hard to say if/when we'll be restocking as our designers like to keep us on our toes. Make sure you're signed up for our product notifications so you're first to know when your favourite gear makes a comeback.
@katie.pfef : Why does this product have to be so exspensive..
@lululemon : Every product has been engineered to perform at a peak level through innovative design and premium materials. Our prices reflect the craftsmanship and high quality of our gear.
@katie.pfef : do u guys make them homemade?
@lululemon : We work with several different manufacturing partners around the world.
@jordanke : Amazing shot!!!!
@lululemon : Thanks—you can almost feel the sunshine, eh?
@jordanke : 😊🙌🏻

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