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The Enlite Bra was designed to feel different because it was designed to fit unlike any other bra. Individual, built-in cups encapsulate the breasts to give support and soften bounce. Learn moreβ€”link in bio.

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@lululemon : Thanks for taking the time to reach out today with your feedback. We understand your frustration and would love to help out. If you could PM us on Facebook or DM us on Twitter we'd be able to offer some soltuions. Chat soon.
@aidanrumi : I ordered 34DD my normal size, when I tried it I felt some pressure on my chest I want use this bra for running( marathon), if I wash or use will be fine or I order 36DD, is it runs small? I love the fabric, design and every details, thank you!
@lululemon : It's best to choose the size you feel most comfortable in. We suggest to stop by your local store for a fit session, our educators can help you with finding the right fit.
@chanelcollette : Being encapsulated is the best feeling ever
@lululemon : We couldn't agree more.
@lilluzifurt : It would be really cool if you guys did some philanthropic work about breast cancer or even advocating your clients to get regular mammograms!
@lululemon : The Enlite Bra features encapsulated cups that are sewn in.
@mamafrei6 : training for a half marathon and sprint triathlon!
@lululemon : Keep chasing those goals.
@fitnfreelife : LOVE THIS! Looks like it would be great for spin πŸš΄πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
@senay777 : Beyond stoked.
@latoya_the_realtor : Love, love, love this bra top! I'm a 36DD and the other tops that I have are really cute but no support. This top has both! It's kind of hard to get on at first but you can step into it and put it on like a regular bra
@lululemon : Music to our ears. If you're happy, we're happy.
@mamafrei6 : received my new bra - hands down most comfortable bra EVER ! Very supportive, soft great bra . Now can you make everyday bras that are just as great?
@lululemon : We'll pass your thoughts to the right teams.
@mgiggy : Just bought this bra. Love it and so comfortable. Unfortunately, one of the seems inside the cup has come loose πŸ˜₯
@lululemon : Happy to hear you love the Enlite Bra, sad to hear about the seam. We'd love to dig in more so give our GEC a call at 1.877.263.9300 to chat about your experience.
@oh_oh_oliviaa : Love love love this bra!!! Good job luluemon
@shinedm : I'm loving this bra but wishing and hoping there is a short and tall version of this seeing as there are no adjustable straps... torsos long and short will love this bra more with those options imo
@arianar92 : I've worked out in this bra one time it was so comfy and supportive. I just took it off and there's a hole and the stitching is loose. So disappointed. Not sure if I should exchange it and try my luck again or go somewhere else for a bra 😫
@moozie71 : Ive had this bra for 3 weeks, work out in it at least 4x/week! Guess its time for another. Its wonderful. First sports bra that doesnt make my torso feel squeezed or like im choking on my own cleavage. THANK YOU
@chattsterkat : This looks and sounds like an amazing product and I was excited when I saw this! I am a crossfitter and this would be SO good for the constantly varied movements that we are required to do in a wod's and in training. Would be great for me and so many of my friends. Sadly though, I do find the pricing of the product pretty expensive in line with other luxury sport brands and therefore will unfortunately have to give this a miss 😭
@karinagfitness : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ’š
@jessicainthekitchen : omg yes please!! I am loving this Enlite Bra and would definitely buy everyday bras from you !!
@saralfoster : Was so disappointed with this bra. There was no way I could do it up myself an could barely get it off in the change room. I bought the insulated black water bottle and it stopped working correctly in the first week. The top wouldn't pop back up :(
@version20.16 : I was a tester for this bra and let me tell you, it's pretty Awesome! Very grateful for the opportunity and would have kept it only had the cups been bigger. Remember , the alphabet dosent stop at ' E ' and neither does breast cup sizing needs. Whenever you make a size equivalent to a UK 30GG ... Take all my bra money πŸ€‘πŸ’° (you already have all of my other clothing money ... seriously) The other major flaw on this model is shape/support retention. Even After the first wear, it stretches and keeps doing so even after careful laundering. Still a major win for THE MOST COMFORTABLE BRA EVER! Much love for yah Lululemon 😘 Keep improving and including like you always do.

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