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Studio with Murdoc Niccals. IS OUT NOW 👉

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@ethom11 : Everything you just said has nothing to do with my comment. Are you high?
@chet_up : i dont know, they have been the number one selling album since they were released until now, so that should pretty much sum it up for you
@chet_up : to sum it up for you smart one! They have been number one selling since they have released their album up until now!
@ethom11 : I was replying to your claim that they have made billions of dollars off of their music, which is hilariously are either trolling or just stupid
@chet_up : lmfao, so what? Millions then? Or do you want me to give you the exact number?
@bvdwolf : Baby🖤💚
@kekemagic101 : My twin!!! 😆
@phansmore : D A D DU
@_.dee29._ : humanz is horrible
@boisforhands : FYCJING DADDY
@hardcoreloser.v2 : you're horrible
@hardcoreloser.v2 : The apprentice is lit
@avriil.yoongih : You are horrible
@avriil.yoongih : Yeeeeeh
@ash_in_3d : Clocks on the wall talk to watches on the wrist!
@lazywulfz_ : Mah boi
@pipflynn : Nice to be seen... They all be watching Me.
@fpatlan : I spy a AXIOM PRO 49 😎
@free_dez_nipz_bitch : Its the momentz we relive its the momentz like this when its time to get ill we be so ahead of time its the momentz we achieve best believe its the momentz
@allmyfiles : murdoc looks like he's joined an emo punk rock boy band
@dheaketjeh : Why does he look like that emo kid who would hiss at you
@mvrdvnicn : hEY DAD HOW ARE YOU 😍😍
@mari.asoto : T H E B A T H
@capitalreeks : dam look at that sexy MIDI ;)
@cold_water_aj : t h e b a t h
@loriecrisisrose : Guys! Come to Hamilton, ON!!
@gorillazisawesome : Come to port fairy it's awesome here
@2d._gorillaz : Please come to Orlando Florida I really want to see you live again. ♥
@non_.aesthetic : THE BATH
@rodriguezchrisarc :
@txmporarily : T H E B A T H
@coldceeee : murdoc is nice i wanna hug him, real bad. i need a hug from the old man. from phil cornwell

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