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*tsssssss* *gulp* “Ahhhhh…”

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@abhishek4real : le teri coke
@_jackbellamy_ : Are u working on a new flavour? : can you take a look at my last post. I have an idea Coca cola with fanta taste
@cocacola : While we appreciate your interest, we actually aren't able to accept ideas for products from our friends outside the Company. This is for legal reasons and not a reflection on the merits of your idea. Best wishes!
@rfnx_ : Is did cocacola 👎🏻👎🏻
@jhavoc : Killin ittt!!
@carvestone : DEAR COCA COLA... Because you are promoting ITITROD RACES. You are purposely harming and killing innocent dogs. I am cashing my stock in your company and my family doesn't want anything to do with you, your subsidiaries or Chrysler, Econ Mobil, Exxon and State Farm! You should be ashamed of yourself!
@manara_photography : Taste good!
@epic_videos_forever : Coca Cola=my favorite ❤️❤️❤️
@usalitaev : Colaaaa
@_zlick : 👁
@justindredre : Only sugar no real taste
@tobiashottinger90 : Summer Stupid to be war...we always win Olympia...usw. ..
@tobiashottinger90 : Today the same....
@setra20 : 👍👍👍
@holtarowen : Stop the sponsoring of the Iditarod you be promoting animal abuse . As dogs do die , after some are beating left to die or put in shelters to be killed . Do you really want this or do you care .
@romanrokotov90 : Прикольно))
@daviandjulifar : Stop sponsoring iditarod!! Don't be selfish, think about other creatures too.
@nydreamqueen : I really want a Diet Coke with my name on it! ☺
@ilnur_timerkazykov : 😊😊😊

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