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Good morning! I’m Theo Stein, a public affairs officer with ’s Office of Communications. Today, as part of Public Service Recognition Week, I’m taking over the Partnership for Public Service Instagram feed ( ) to give you a glimpse of some of the fascinating science that happens every day here at Research David Skaggs Research Center, one of several premier science facilities that make Boulder, Colorado, one of the world centers for atmospheric research. PHOTO: This is one of the many fun parts of my job: hosting reporters, like Grace Hood of Colorado Public Radio, who’s talking here with scientist Eric Moglia in this lab where he processes air samples sent from around the world for NOAA’s ongoing greenhouse gas monitoring program. (That’s me on the far right listening to Eric explain the science to Grace earlier this week). Head on over to today for more about the awesome work our scientists do on behalf of the American public every day! -- Theo research iscool

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