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From employee of the month to manager of the century, Visa supports parents everywhere who work to make their children proud. Pretty soon, you’ll be looking up to them. Visa. Everywhere You Want to Be

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@jdcabin : So true!
@charmingcj : What can be done about a business that sells on Instagram and scams its customers out of money? took my money via and never sent my order. I waited several weeks and then followed up with emails, comments and private messages. They blocked me on their Facebook page and when I looked at Better Business Bureau, I learned that they have an "F" rating with more than 300 complaints. They even have an IG page for victims! victims PLEASE HELP TO SHUT DOWN THE OWNER, Jordann Miller Weingartner and her shady company. IF ANYONE LOOKS AT HER PAGE, THEY WILL SEE DOZENS OF CUSTOMERS ASKING FOR ORDER STATUS!
@egjergji : Your best bet would be to contact you bank directly and have them assist you. Banks will report fraud or problematic merchants to Visa.
@charmingcj : Thank you. I was reimbursed by but there are so many complaints from others who can't get a response from this company.
@egjergji : I don't know what this situation is, but typically banks will initiate the chargeback process. Visa has processes in place to make sure fraud or bad business is penalized. However, the banks have the power to initiate the dispute. I'm glad you got your money back.
@charmingcj : Thank you!
@gccs02 : help

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