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No need to wait for summer for a blockbuster. Watch Neymar’s dunk, then try your own. Link in bio.

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@julie_terzi : waffles and chicken oreo
@krystal.sanchezzz : you should partner up with nutella/// or instead of cream filled, fill it with peanut butter/// or cover the cookies in chocolate like thin mints are covered
@krystal.sanchezzz : edible cookie dough instead of cream in the middle
@_nikki1310 : I vote for making gluten free Oreos
@anika_lashya : Peaches and cream Oreos
@anika_lashya : Caramel vanilla apple pie golden Oreos
@anika_lashya : Death by chocolate Oreos: chocolate Oreo cookies with chocolate cream that has white chocolate chips in it and the cookie is coated with milk chocolate
@anika_lashya : Strawberry key lime golden Oreos
@anika_lashya : Maple blueberry cinnamon golden Oreos
@anika_lashya : Mint devil's food Oreos
@anika_lashya : Strawberry fruity pebbles Oreos
@skam__lovee : I eat 3 oreo and its slut oreo are so dumb
@amaia_suarez : Mira jon como tu
@officiallyfaith31 : Chocolate chip oreo
@yallfav.kai : cotton candy flavored
@j.a__king : 🙄
@nobuyukiku : *falls out of chair*
@chasetumbles : MAKE A NUTELLA OREA
@chasetumbles : THAT WOULD BE SO GOOD
@chasetumbles : I WOULD BUT AT LEAST 1000 PACKAGES A DAY
@chasetumbles : OMG I CHAT SPEELL
@chasetumbles : *SPELL
@morgvn75 : bacon+toasted marshmallow flavored with chocolate cookies contest
@morgvn75 : Golden cookie outside, inside half blueberry half cherry for July 4th contest
@soapwhyte : is: "Banana Peanut Butter Dream" a mix of smooth creamy Peanut Butter and Nutritious, Tangy Bananas!
@saywardgregg : Smoreo- chocolate graham cracker cookie with a marshmallow center and a milk chocolate swirl. This is the perfect s'more cookie and is the perfect summer treat that can even be taken into the colder weather contest
@chris.vanbeek : bring back oreo cakesters
@kenskvte_ : They already made smores oreos exactly like that😭😂
@ailsa98 : Trés Leche Oreos. Golden Oreos and trés leche type cream contest
@american_dream05_ : I saw a fake thing called fried chicken oreos could u try to make it or like do a poll for it
@paige.marie.32 : You should have m&Ms oreos and coffee flavored oreos so good
@deathkab : Iono how I got to this page but who tf follow Oreo on social media for y'all to have this many followers?? 😩

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