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Isn't nature amazing? This Earth Day, we celebrate the majesty and diversity of marine life and wildlife. If you're planning a nature-inspired outdoors trip this spring or summer, be sure to read our list of the best 5 ways to responsibly view wildlife, from Fisheries: Happy Earth Day to all, from your friends at ! [About this photo: Whale tail and shearwater seabirds, Cape Cheerful, Unalaska, 2005. BarbaraRone/NOAA.] tail

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@hubjar : Beautiful
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@n.v.nelson : Love our biodiversity!
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@ya7ya_maroof : سبحان الله
@natycasty : Earthquake un Chile 6.1
@mocc_cuhk : Happy Earth Day from Hong Kong! Let's work together to save Mother Earth 🌏 We, the Museum of Climate Change, are having an Environment Fair here in HK!
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