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Little Prince

Traveling to NYC? Destination Manager, Michael, a local NYC expert, suggests a stroll through SoHo, where you’ll find “This contemporary French bistro is ideal for both daytime revelry and date nights.”

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@caro_attia : Allí estaremos en breve!
@ateliermliving : Love SoHo and walked by this charming place many times. Time to try it out! Thanks Amex!
@jessrbeau : le petite princé ! Just cause of the awesome name we should check this out next time your home
@thedealschica : 👌🏼🇫🇷 will def have to check out this gem next time I'm in NYC!
@heliski42 : 👀👀👀
@thestoryofderek : you need more DC events and suggestions...
@ruddy_was_here : I'm here right now having the Cindy Lauper cocktail 😜
@msignoracci : 199 Prince St for realz. Put it on our summer list.
@didogg0 : next nyc trip lunch and dinner all on prince lol 🍕🐚🦑🦀🐄🍻
@dattienbui : sounds good to me
@_callmemrsz : Get the burger....French onion soup burger 🍔
@rngmeister : Aka little Mohamed
@bessieyeungby : Great :)
@555_azerty : Thank you for your tip in the USA but in France nothing
@mleo16 : having trouble finding merchants that take this card 💳... need to step it up
@americanexpress : Hi We are so sorry to hear this. Please contact our customer service team They will have our Merchant service team reach out to these merchants. If we can help with anything else please let us know.
@jewelyaaa : guess we need to go back
@madebypauline : We would love to be a part of your loyalty program. Because American Express-is our favorite 😍 Please let us know how we can reach you out! 🌸
@americanexpress : Thanks for reaching out. Please call our Customer Service Team at 800-528-4800, they’re available 24/7, for assistance. Have a great day!

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