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@rpzapistaclub : Experimente o sofá do RPZAP 😁
@space.pirate15 : I know your secret sause recipe!!! I love it follow me and ill tell you!
@anonymous.lulz : McDonalds: We embrace damaging your body with harmful chemicals to deprive yourself of sleep.
@ljuancarlos2017 : Beautiful
@ljuancarlos2017 : This is ok
@isiaih_22 : Dear McDonald's I love you guys but come on like stop messing up my order 🤦‍♂️
@littlegirlsbigstomachs : Check out our feed for tasties 💕
@lonely_cuck : Bring back Szechuan sauce
@el_xlcheesecake : Please Sponcer JK Films
@killer_brofist : Roast wendy next
@itznasb : Yo 's how many likes to get a year supply of McCafe!
@sukurmemmedeliyev : 👍👍👍👍👍☝
@space.pirate15 : Follow me and ill tell u mcdonalds secret sauce recipe
@badpoetrys : 🅱urger machine 🅱roke
@giannilestat : Same question here. Is your company wheelchairs friendly?
@evadsept00 : Terrible customer service always.
@evadsept00 : Always sad demeaner showing how much they hate their jobs when servering the food
@evadsept00 : Just had wrong sandwich through drive tho. Went in. No sorry. Just second guessing me, j show them sandwich​. They see , no apology just go to kitchen nd grab another chicken. Yet it's still wrong. I asked for grilled. Not crispy.
@evadsept00 : I just take it so I can leave. Horrible as always. New Brittany Ave McDonalds in ct
@nicoledallas15 : McDonald's, crapdonalds
@kiat.gbi : Jk supported you
@beyskii : F Starbucks. Go mcds
@mcdonaldsofamerica : you go to McDonald's too much lmao
@ruth__irene : I reenacted "the founder" for my historical movie project at school so can I please just get a dm back?
@gawzdanceagency : Keep them coming!!

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