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Esperance, Western Australia

Distraction-free swim gear so all you can feel are the waves. See more in our Story. What's your favourite summer feeling?

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@happyyogini : that toasty feeling of the sun on my face tied with the feeling of water rushing around me when I dive into the lake πŸ’•
@lululemon : Thanks for the support.
@lululemon : The bluest water as far as the eye can see.
@lululemon : Will you be hitting the waves this summer?
@lululemon : Are you heading out into the water this weekend?
@swensyoga : Finally
@walkaboottravel : I alllwaaays use suits on my travels. And especially on my surf trips!
@lululemon : There's something calming about being in the ocean and in the open air.
@lululemon : You've got a good eye. We've updated the location tag to reflect the where this beauty was shot.
@dbrownyoga : Nice!
@risarepetto : lets go here
@lululemon : We'll let the right teams know what you'd like to see.
@lululemon : The best of both worlds.
@lululemon : Do you have a favourite swimsuit?
@walkaboottravel : As a travel blogger I spend about 90% of my time on the road...and about 90% of that is in a swim suit! Historically my favourite has been the triangle tops that tie in the back. But recently I'm loving the race me 1 piece!
@tea_foralltimes : Most beautiful place......
@lululemon : one-pieces are making a strong comebackβ€”panels for waterflow, and coverage in all the right places.
@isabella_deconti_fitness : Hi! My name is Isabella and my passion is inspiring women and girls in their fitness journeys! Follow me for daily fitness posts to help you feel motivated! πŸ’ͺ🏼🌿
@nad1ean : swam this morning at Salmon Beach next one along from Blue Haven. It was outstanding. Another perfect morning. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🐬🐳
@lululemon : We couldn't agree more. : Looks like I need to buy another one piece 😍
@laysanetofit : My favorite summer feeling will be when lululemon notices a fit momma over here and asks me to be part of their amazing company πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
@shanzysports : beautiful
@lululemon : What are your goals within the company?
@lululemon : The best way to get involved is to stop by your local store and visit with the team there. Our in-store teams are passionate about making connections with inspiring athletes in their communities.
@dmajj : this is in esperance!!!
@ithrive_health : So very stunning!
@kristendania : Dream spot!
@esperancechaletvillage : 😍😍😍 fav spot!!
@take5drink : β˜€οΈ
@_meganmckenzie : is a joke.... literally ALWAYS out of stock . Great pants , but that don't mean anything whenever you can't ever buy more. Pisses me off. Legitimately. ... 😑
@lululemon : We're so sorry you haven't had a great experience finding the gear that you love. Is there a specific pant you've been looking for right now? Feel free to message us on Facebook so we can chat further.
@_meganmckenzie : ok will do. Was curious, your online site doesnt offer the wunder under high rise pants in gray anymore. Will you ever put them back on the site? I don't live close to any stores so online is my only option and o really wanted to buy a pair but never got a chance due to them always being out of stock in my size
@lululemon : Unfortunately the grey ones are normally a fall/winter colourway but that's not to say we won't get them in before then, as our designers like to keep us on our toes. I'd check the Lululemon App where you can see which stores have a specific product in stock & give them a call.

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