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Today we remember Al Golin, a man who had a vision for McDonald’s and made us proud to tell our story. Rest in peace, Al.

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@isabelnotisabel : rip al congrats on being a part of the mcdonalds fam and we'll miss you
@daddywellbucks7336 : Should've gone vegan
@ivx36 : اه شكرا عشانك سويت احلى شي
@ivx36 : بوسة لك امواااح
@ivx36 : ياخي يزين الي كذا
@ivx36 : يديمك يحلو💜💜
@ivx36 : يوه شت مات
@ivx36 : الله يرحمه💔😔
@xjaylnx : R.i.p
@lovepains16 : Prolly never ate McDonald's a day in his life
@matt_homka : YOOO HAHAHAAHAH
@bahrainifais : A man who had a vision to feed children poison and make a huge profit off population reduction.
@wanderingcoconut : The real drug dealer
@netflix_bigblanket : Sponsor JUST KIDDING NEWS!!!! Btw rip
@hiplikejacob129 : Hahahaga
@hiplikejacob129 : Lolololololol
@sketching_geek : Rip gabe the dog
@ace_boogie532 : McPyle McDonalds in the city of Milw WI are lacking CSR and QC personnel who check the final product that customers receive! ‬It is destroying a brand that I have always held in high esteem... 😢
@s.william_ : tomorrow we eat in his honour!
@kiara.kzh : Das ist opa
@joshua_rantepadang_09 : Boscu' anjayy
@dzaki.tampans.7 : Uhh made in israel mcdonald mah jangan di makan haram
@jamesle_g123 : Oh wow he has really left a mark on a business that rapes, mutilates, touchers and slaughters Innocent beings!
@kasni.ty : Lol stop
@dono12341 : You ugly asf
@mishkalizka : Left a mark of sadness
@repewe310562 : RIP 😢😢
@no_violence_peace : yeah the story of making a whole nation have diabetes and die because of a shitty liver

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