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Watch Christina Aguilera hit the high notes. Then do your dunk for a chance to win. Link in bio.

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@jmvm75 : Dry cookies. No thanks.
@jack_shanahan99 : Sour patch kid Oreo!!
@hi.im_rosemary : Salted pretzel oreos
@patrick_gill15_spam : Each time I see her I wanna hang myself
@elissahha : Blueberries honey and goat cheese
@elissahha : Chinese five spice
@carolinamor23 : 😂😂😂😂
@keller5285 : Pistacio ice cream (:
@keller5285 : Belgian waffle with whipped cream and strawberries 🍓
@keller5285 : arroz con leche 🤤
@r3suhh : One that is chocolate split to vanilla pudding or lemon pie flavorr
@pedroluissanz : pa lo que quedo xD
@eml041 : Sweet Potatoe Pie Oreo Cookies!
@eml041 : Italian Cannoli Oreo Cookie, they would be chocolate oreos on the outside, cannoli cream on the inside with chocolate chips!!
@eml041 : Fried Dough Oreo Cookie. Golden Vanilla Oreo Cookie on the outside with Fried Dough Flavor on the inside with brown sugar and cinnamon!
@eml041 : M & M's Oreo Cookie, Chocolate Oreo with Butter Cream Filling and M & M's!!
@woahits_faith2005 : Starbucks mocha frappe

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