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The pollock in our Filet-O-Fish is sustainably sourced and certified by Oh yeah, it’s also delicious.

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@____izzybee____ : My mom got this
@malcolmj1398 : Too much tartar sauce
@lovedbylaura : I've been craving for this 🤷🏻‍♀️
@konollo12 : God hambuger
@andychucho : Hola cómo estás ? que tengas un delicioso , digo, un fabuloso día ñññññ
@alejandroturano : 😱😍🍔 im loving it
@annamarie0224 : this looks amazing. But tell me why when I order it mine comes with half a piece cheese stuck to the box and an old over fried fillet?
@tytgat_thomas : Hahahahahahaha
@mmmyri_ : 🤤🤤🤤🤤
@__drewboo__ : Definitely not actual fish.
@__drewboo__ : The "fish" patty is SO small, it looks ridiculously small inside the bun. Nice picture though. Your food doesn't look like this. 😂
@b_nelly__ : I had that for lunch today
@baconbaekie_ : Damn 😍
@steven_phyffer : Oh no! I usually have a Big Mac and to fill the gap I get a Fish Burger as well!
@frznh._ : Fuck. Im hungry
@bobby__999 : Какие пышные
@mattaino : Of COURSE the fillet o' fish is not totally fresh! It comes frozen, right? Then it goes into the fryer. A chicken or fish sandwich from ANYWHERE is probably not fresh. It doesn't make it bad.
@owen_1211 : This had made me go to McDonald’s now
@naanc1yy : wie schön du bist ya salame
@syakirarhamm : tenangkan lah jiwa. selamat malam 😂
@safiahh.xo : My baby
@safiahh.xo : My main
@safiahh.xo : 😍😍😍
@ozelofficiel : Au states c’est encore plus bon mdrrr 😂😂
@smokehumaans : meme pas sa invite okkkkkkk 😂
@lcglitterngold : now we know what kind of fish they use

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