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@strangerwatches : good one!
@stefanomalachi : Flawless ❤
@darryldrake : 🔥🔥🔥🔥 : Totally rocks!
@freakishlygood : 💜 super sad to see this airline phased out ... I have fond memories on the purple lit cabins! 😊✌️
@alphacars_rentyourdream : Wir verschenken zurzeit 5% Gutscheincode's für jede Vermietung!
@franksalasdesign : Oh but my heart is broken
@alerttravell : This is awesome
@successcodes : Great!
@jflanigan : RIP Virgin America, the best US airline ever. should have "retired" their own junk brand and let VA fly.
@infinitypets_ : Have you seen 's new planes?
@raydenfaeez : Brilliant one
@mirkoninja : This one is smart
@realista.usa : This is sweet :)
@darodolo : Oh...I definitely had a reason to remember. First time flying Virgin, last time flying Virgin. Had a flight booked for 3:55 p.m. to San Francisco from Las Vegas, got to the terminal an hour early and decided to get a bite to eat. Finished our meal and walked over to the gate at 3:42 where we could see the plane, but no one at the check-in stand and the door was closed. We then see the plane being pushed back and we're hoping it's not our flight. Someone finally comes through the door and up to the desk, we ask if that was our flight and he says yes and he had called for us. I asked him why the plane is leaving more than 10 minutes before departure and all he said was that he called for all passengers. I'm now waiting on standby for the next flight in 3 hours. I called Virgin America and customer service was an absolute joke. The guy was completely condescending and unapologetic. I've flown to Cancun, Florida and Texas in the last year and never had a flight leave earlier than the posted departure on 3 separate airlines. Virgin's customer service is garbage and this experience has left me absolute disdain for this airline that I will not use again.
@peakmarketingadvisors : Significant!
@bairdzill : Already regretting booking my flight to Maui with this airline! Nightmare! Don't fly virgin! Terrible customer service!
@gazelleboytj : I work for virgin I was the customer service guy 😂😂🤘yeeeeewwww
@darodolo : however you make your money now...slangin, welfare, male for male escort...stick with that, because comedy is not your forte.
@gazelleboytj : I was the guy I said bitch off get tsa to backhead search your lil dicky 😂
@jfkaviation : I'll miss you guys!! One of the best :)
@photography_hive : ✌️❤️🙂
@tripchats : زیبایهای ایزان را در پیج تریپ جت دیدن بفرمایید.
@mygoprotravel : Excellent!
@mergeduality : Cool page! 👍 Contact me if you ever need a design for your business!
@globalaccountax : 🗃💷
@limejug : Nice!! 🍷
@alanatow : did this lol
@dubellier : Very cool
@master_your_subconcscious : Thanks for sharing all this cool content on here , loving it..
@groundedkidswear : the cutest. 🎈 ❤
@zryza1217 : Right on
@thebeautyblotter : beautiful

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