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OREO cookie drones do the most height-defying dunk for an epic celebration.

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@tayflo12 : thought you would appreciate this : Contemplad, porque la diferencia entre esto y las pruebas nucleares de corea... Parece que las oreo ya estan preparadas para la GUERRA!!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈 Y pronto tus chips ahoy seran ANIQUILADAS !!!!! Es solo cuestion de tiempo!!!! MUAHAHHAHAHA
@ssergizz : las Chips Ahoy llevan años desarrollando un arma más destructiva que cuatro drones de mierda, pronto saldrá a la luz, solo te diré 5 palabras: "Centinela de pepitas de chocolate"
@kschrims : Pistachio and cream
@kschrims : Pistachio and cream
@kschrims : banana pudding Oreo
@kschrims : The Elvis Oreo (peanut butter and banana)
@kschrims : Candied Bacon Oreo (maple cookie with sweet bacon cream)
@ese.asin.essay : Oreo is my one true love 😊
@haiderades : Magic cookie bar Oreos
@symonee_mone : Chocolate birthday cake oreo
@symonee_mone : Apple rhubarb flavor
@_._sea_._bass_._ : is all that milk just going to be thrown out ? like see
@_._sea_._bass_._ : seriously *
@symonee_mone : Inside out oreo.. cream on the outside cookie on the inside
@symonee_mone : The pride oreo, it'll be rainbow color not just the cream but the cookie too
@symonee_mone : Cookie monster oreo
@masterlink657 : What a waste of milk
@jenna_meets_world : German Chocolate Cake Oreo
@joyfulfitness : LOL how well can you dunk?
@kel_shiroma : omg I saw this!!!!! Except I can't dunk. But I thought of Matt and his drone!
@vintageworms : Oreo-drone?
@symonee_mone : Oreo sticks it'll be oreo cookie sticks and you dip it in the cream like those crackers you did in the cheese
@wayneh0 : wtfff😭
@kingnighter : Can we get a bigger cookie and less cream??? I mean I always take the cream out and eat the cookie!!! Not everyone likes the cream and you guys satisfy everyone with the cream but what about the people like me that only likes the cookie??? 😢
@reynsmith4 : Hi I really want you to chos my creation mine would be a butter beer Oreo I hope u take this in consideration contest
@happytimesmedibles : Im guessing hundreds of cows was hurt during the making of this dumbass oreo dunk

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