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Chelesa Market, Chelsea New York

took the using brain sensing headband to master a hands free dunk at in NYC.

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@hi.im_rosemary : Puffed rice bits with milk flavored oreo
@susanm.baker : a vanilla or chocolate oreo with a swirled orange and vanilla cream. A Midsummer's dreamsicle.
@sergl_360 : Mango,and stawberry oreo everybody likes mango and stawberry
@sergl_360 : What
@garsmash : Chocolate coconut and macadamia nut.
@garsmash : Coffee and donut bar
@garsmash : Waffle and syrup
@garsmash : Coffee and sweet cream
@garsmash : Coconut and macadamia
@garsmash : Potato chip and onion dip
@stellalee1205 : : Oreo Mochi Cremes- Classic Oreo creme filling next to a thin layer of chewy mochi and a flaky chocolate disc all sandwiched between two crunchy chocolate Oreo wafers! This twist on the Oreo will take you on a multi-sensory experience that is out of this world!
@gabbi.perez : Nice Biggie song commercial
@theunrootedtree : contest mocha Oreo. Little bit of chocolate. Little bit of coffee and a little bit of marshmallows.
@mattspiegl : Maple Cinnamon oreos!
@baker426_ : Please look at all of my suggestions on my account!!!!
@lexi16384 : Oreo smore little bit of chocolates the outside part little bit of marshmallow and pieces of crushed up gram cracker in it
@daffodillover1985 : I need a gluten free/dairy free version!! I miss Oreos!!
@ninjabot_5_99 : Strawberry and banana will a little bit of coconut in the mix
@rafaellaenza : leite ninho (brazilian)
@rafaellaenza : leite condensado (brazilian)
@rafaellaenza : pasta de amendoim
@rafaellaenza : brigadeiro ❤❤❤ (brazilian)
@rafaellaenza : Ice cream napolitano (brazilian)
@rafaellaenza : nozes and chocolate (brazilian)
@rafaellaenza : pão de mel (brazilian)
@rafaellaenza : churros (brazilian)
@fuck_jordyn : Flavor idea. Gasoline and law clippings. Summer edition.

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