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Greatness goes . To celebrate our new wingman/BFF/sidekick – we’re giving away 1200 roundtrip flights to 600 lucky winners (restrictions apply). Enter for your chance to win via the link in our bio.

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@antoniamichaelss : You got me hooked to Jane the virgin omg
@western_uniion_cashflip : Hey y'all , I just asking if y'all wanna make some extra cash in one day DM me right now and stop wasting time stop waiting on a day to win come and let's us help out y'all thanks you
@abraxas13 : Please venture into regional airports! I love to have Virgin America in Akron Canton Airport non stop to Las Vegas, SFO, JFK would be grand.
@shotbylacruz : Omg we are waiting for one crew member that is ON A CAB ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT VX143 from JFK. Can she share her waze eta? We been waiting on her for an hour in the plane!
@shotbylacruz : After 6 hour delay 😬
@shotbylacruz : I love you guys but this is kinda crazy
@shotbylacruz : what's the deal with 7 hour delay, 2 hours in the plane on the ground, for a 6+hour flight with no food? VX143. PLUS we had to wait over an hour for a member of the crew while everyone was ready for takeoff in the plane. Couldn't someone bring us some food? Not even water handed out
@thetactfultraveler : horrible rude service today, for someone who used to be loyal to your airline ....
@printageus : So nice!
@lablonde42 : Such a great post!
@aaronobrien_ak : don't worry alaska air will fix your crappy airline
@aaronobrien_ak : you clearly know nothing about alaska air
@kamran_raz : check DM
@ziad_qweider : ❤️
@metroairportspotter : Could you guys possibly respond to my DM? Thanks
@bollyx_nyc : You rock! 👏👏👏
@nakedarmor : Impressive content!
@colbertlife : Cool!
@cecerahoerason : 🌺🌴 : This is definitely first rated!
@sai1or.rose : Kona 🌺
@louie2jk : 👍
@wipehero : Definitely awesome
@beardking : BEARD KING approved!
@shaizy : Nice!
@sonenreich : Very cool

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