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TGIF. In honor of , here's the skinny on our favorite spots for french fries. Link in bio. ✈️🍟

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@trivafly : Life is a journey, whatever it's your destination...Travel with us! ☁️❤️✈️😍
@luckydayapp : Nice pic!
@boonezavik : Like it!
@erbear1244 : Will you guys ever have flights out of John Wayne in Orange County??
@erbear1244 : I flew lax to Cancun-- 1st class and was the best experience I have ever had in first class! Keep up the good work. I love in oc and it would be amazing if I could fly to San Fran and Vegas via virgin!
@i.a._aviation777 : That looks delicious 😛😛😛
@effortlyss : Check messages ❤️❤️
@california_airplanes : They're going to merge with Alaska!!?? Whaaaat!!
@kevinbnee : Fascinating one
@thellamalab : Looks great, keep it up!! 🤗 Check out my page/blog for healthy recipes, fitness tips & other inspirations 💕
@theelissaarana : Virgin is seriously the best airline
@desertskyswimwear : Love this
@luxtasticrentals : Vacations 50% cheaper than normal
@lovetatum : 😇
@quipmo : Very cool!
@laneso : Om telolet om
@sidimtours : Like one thousand and one nights :)
@dereksalvo : Yaaaassss virgin 😜😜😜
@travel.teez : Thanks for this one! Have a great day!
@princess__696 : 😋😋
@graceofthunder : Very sweet :)
@seinclln : Very cool.
@krystalbacon : HORRIBLE AIRLINE
@nakedarmor : Gorgeous
@meiyokotaylor : Stay positive
@unemployedbrownie : 👌 👍 : Magnificent 😃
@malikawears : yaas! 👏
@boomtownbites : Can't wait for Fryday!!! So excited!

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