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Tasty new eats in our Loft at LAX. #😛

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@dsan223 : Where is the loft located at in LAX ??
@ankarusskaya : How much is it to use this lounge? Is it for domestic flights? Thx
@danielstraussdc : I wanna visit
@cjs87070 : Is yummy
@pinkhandgrenade : This almost makes me want to fly from LAX now...
@virginamerica : More info can be found on our website under "Flying with Us" section 👍
@smartwatermelon : Love the Loft especially when flights to SFO are delayed!
@stimpy_223 : Disgusting food nasty service people are so disrespectful And racist
@kar.grn : oh rllllyyyyyyy
@tapecableco : Good stuff 👍
@army_of_chefs : So beautiful ✊
@discoveripswich : This is awesome!
@ia_aviation777 : It's gona be sweet to fly in this airliner.
@lisacashhanson : Peace for you 😀
@travel.teez : Very impressive. Like watching people exploring the world by visiting new places. ok_hand: Can we get more.
@robbvices : 👌
@tarzangoapp : We think your page is pretty nice... Lets help each other out. Can you like our pics and comment on some? We'll do the same for you. Just DM us the word "Done" and we'll blow your account up, lol... Thanks.
@lovetatum : Pretty cool :)
@ecosystmsf : This is awesome
@sudsatorium : Love this 💚
@joelcecil : Nice pic 👌🏻
@candyhart71 : Paradise food
@bluelankatours : Oh my..
@whiteorchideagallery : 🍰🍒🍇
@mirzaei__kandahar : 😢😢😂😂😂
@_sabrina_gt : ❤❤

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