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Tasty new eats in our Loft at LAX. #😛

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@dsan223 : Where is the loft located at in LAX ??
@ankarusskaya : How much is it to use this lounge? Is it for domestic flights? Thx
@danielstraussdc : I wanna visit
@cjs87070 : Is yummy
@pinkhandgrenade : This almost makes me want to fly from LAX now...
@virginamerica : More info can be found on our website under "Flying with Us" section 👍
@smartwatermelon : Love the Loft especially when flights to SFO are delayed!
@stimpy_223 : Disgusting food nasty service people are so disrespectful And racist
@kar.grn : oh rllllyyyyyyy
@tapecableco : Good stuff 👍
@army_of_chefs : So beautiful ✊
@discoveripswich : This is awesome!
@i.a._aviation777 : It's gona be sweet to fly in this airliner.
@lisacashhanson : Peace for you 😀
@travel.teez : Very impressive. Like watching people exploring the world by visiting new places. ok_hand: Can we get more.
@robbvices : 👌
@lovetatum : Pretty cool :)
@ecosystmsf : This is awesome
@sudsatorium : Love this 💚
@joelcecil : Nice pic 👌🏻
@candyhart71 : Paradise food
@bluelankatours : Oh my..
@whiteorchideagallery : 🍰🍒🍇
@mirzaei__kandahar : 😢😢😂😂😂

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