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Enrich any moment. Introducing new Chocolate .

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@lizziejaehn : mango float flavored oreos!!!
@carlrmiller : We need more flavours in the UK! would be apple pie!
@danw225 : Butter beer / butterscotch flavored Oreos
@danw225 : Rainbow (tri-colored) cookie Oreos
@carlosfernvndez : Salted Caramel Oreo! Just like the Salty caramel shake's, but rather a Cookie
@sadidevera : Rainbow filled oreo/ rainbow oreo
@sadidevera : Cotton candy flavored oreo
@sadidevera : Marshmallow filled oreo
@drewflint : "Banana Twist" Banoffee pie golden Oreos! A banana and caramel mix that brings this unique pie across the pond!
@alli.v : "pina colada" - pineapple coconut filling with a dot of maraschino cherry right in the center, sandwiched between golden Oreo cookies 🍍🍹
@lenard.8t : Ube. An ube flavored Oreo cookie with a vanilla-bean cheesecake filling representing an ube cheesecake, a popular dish in the Philippines, which is my inspiration for this flavor.
@lindsayattaway : πŸ–€ I have the next flavor idea πŸ’‘
@lindsayattaway : πŸ–€πŸ–€
@iva.banicek7 : Oreo mit cream with kit-kat or cream with snickears
@iva.banicek7 : Oreo painted in 7 rainbow colors
@screamrage : french vanilla cream orea
@dymondwilsoluv : strawberry shortcake
@dymondwilsoluv : cinnabon swirl cream oreo
@dymondwilsoluv : cookies and cream hershey oreos
@dymondwilsoluv : snicker doodle cream oreos
@dymondwilsoluv : butter peacan cream oreos
@dymondwilsoluv : banana nut cream pie oreos
@dymondwilsoluv : blue berry cheesecake oreos
@dymondwilsoluv : Reese cup half and half oreos
@beautifulhonestly : Cinnamon roll blueberry flavored oreos
@paintmepurp1e : You are my thanks to you πŸ˜‚πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜
@bodinfarace : fruit punch lemonade Oreo with vanilla cookie. It will be called lemonade punch
@halory.d.511 : strawberry banana split oreo
@ayy_itz_kara : Crème brûlée oreo with chocolate or vanilla cookie.

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