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A bright new twist on a delicate cookie. Introducing Lemon-flavored .

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@swiroll : Peanut Butter and Jelly
@swiroll : Peanut Butter and Bacon
@nabamoodi : Sweet chilli ginger
@yukichang13 : Piña colada taste of Tropical flavor, of course with out the alcohol part. Tangy pineapple with sweet coconut milk flavor give it a cooling and relax vibe, it will be tropical vacation in a bite.
@rizzo.alicia : Neopolitan oreos - one chocolate cookie, one vanilla, and strawberry creme in the middle!! contest
@maandreamontiel22 : Vainilla cookie chai latte te filing oreo
@trixiexd : Twinkle The Stars Oreo (marshmallow with specks of mint and caramel)
@luke.tan_ : coconut cream oreo
@getfreshboy : banana pudding golden Oreo
@lovingmybabies44 : Butterscotch chocolate Oreo
@_ashley_samantha_ : Mermaid Oreo (make it glittery/shimmery)
@hi.im_rosemary : Kettle popcorn oreos
@sydneyyjohns : Orange Creamsicle Oreo contest
@rhhanlon : Dusty road sundae (vanilla creme covered in malt with chocolate cookie
@the.real.chris_palines : Salted caramel cream with chocolate cookies
@caliborn_baby : Maple Bacon 🥓 flavor 😋 if they can do it in a donut We Demand it on an Orea 🤤
@shikhapsingh : Ferrero Rocher Oreo (people love a Ferrero Rocher and people LOVE
@_kaysauce : Vanilla flavored cookie with colored pop rock pieces (light pink, light blue food colored filling)
@_kaysauce : Or maybe even an Oreo you can open up with a tattoo you can imprint on your tongue lol Galaxy cookie with tattoo on filling
@millkteabae : OREO CHEEEEEESE PLEASE! Would totally love to do some cheese pulls and Oreo milk dunks!!
@senoryepez : Buko Pandan oreos, call them buko oreos
@jokerahkama : Maple Bacon Oreo...savory and sweet
@msmlt : HORCHATA flavor...oh yess
@petesmomah : Yo know I need horchata flavored cookies!
@__tiff_vny : Peanut butter and fluff , or matcha
@jasonxblossom : I believe I would be a great idea to star in one of your ads
@soapwhyte : is "Banana Peanut a Butter Dream" a mix of smooth creamy peanut butter and tangy nutritious banana!! 🍌🍌🍌

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