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The brought the feeling of home to L.A. with Choco Chip Flavored Oreo Cookies.

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@turtleoverthemoon : new york cheesecake or neopolitan
@mycoffeeiscold : is coffee carmel swirl
@skinisacanvas : is very British...rhubarb and custard
@ca.bran : Banana Cream Pie Oreo. Taste of the South
@jaeeggnutshoe : Maple syrup and bacon bits oreo!!!
@jaeeggnutshoe : Halo-Halo oreo, a filipino dessert
@jaeeggnutshoe : dragron fruit oreo
@dcizzybella : raspberry cheesecake called breezy day and the wonder vault should come to Provo ut
@dcizzybella : Carmel pineapple called a day at the fair
@adayinthelifeofher : Coffee and donuts Oreos
@markie_devo : NYC🙌🏼
@justmadeit93 : Pecan pie with vanilla ice cream # Contest
@alohamorgans : coconut creme oreo
@queen_amy1206 : Cupcake, Starburst, Starbucks, Swedish fish, sour patch kids, and juicy drop oreos.
@queen_amy1206 : The vault should come to NB, NJ
@_.starco.marichat._ : Make a surprise Oreo that includes the most famous desserts like double chocolate, or pecan pie, or maybe strawberry shortcake.... Something to surprise them BC who doesn't like surprises
@_.starco.marichat._ : And the next stop you should visit should be (st.Louis MO) for the most beautiful experience
@yung.marten : SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!
@snookums1988 : Blackwood, New Jersey pretty pretty please!!!!
@asaproc86 : Blackwood
@asaproc86 : Blackwood
@saradowse : Chocolate cookie with brownie filling
@s_pietrus21 : Raleigh nc
@hogwarts_.is_.my_.home_ : Greensboro, NC
@fenixthechamp_1 : Passion fruit oreos
@mwerdell : Corvallis oregon
@mags.1316 : COME TO ATLANTA
@courtneyb_shaw : Atlanta
@katiekeane : Sacramento!
@icerose2022 : Milwaukee
@brynnie_bee : Exeter NH or Boston MA
@claroslime : SAN DIEGO!!!!!

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