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The brought the feeling of home to L.A. with Choco Chip Flavored Oreo Cookies.

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@ealise13 : Vanilla cookies Creamsicle filling
@kaelene33 : Strawberry cheesecake
@makafulu_inc : Pineapple upside-down cake
@bilger11 : Peanut butter Oreos
@bilger11 : Peanut Butter Oreos
@dueceallen21 : Cranberry apple cinnamon # contest Oreo flavor
@ashtonh15 : sweet iced vannila coffee flavor or bannana cream pie
@liyu_gt : Sparkling Oreos!
@ressy_999 : Golden Oreo Funnel Cake!!! A carnival in your mouth!
@brandi_kite82 : I'm thinking a Salted Caramel Crunch Oreo sounds like a yummy flavor combo (with crushed pretzels in the salted caramel creme for that added crunch) I'd buy it, try it, and love it!! 😉
@cavanlacey : WALNUT WHIP. This is the new flavour you guys need to create. A classic treat since 1910 and would be sure to deliver a nostalgic experience, I mean c'mon.. everyone remembers having one. 😉
@chellabelle88 : Midnight Java Lava Cake- what is better that that? No additional words are even needed!
@juliasims : Chai latte Oreos with a cinnamon cookie and creamier inside.
@juliasims : Brooklyn blackout cookie with dark chocolate on dark chocolate. To go with the anti unicorn trend movement
@fineapple07 : HAWAII , MAUI bananamacnut : caramel frappe : guava : Lilikoi : passion fruit : ube :
@belliegonzo : Tiny little Milltown NJ!!!
@mikala.bruh : hot Cheetos , horchata flavor, cookies n cream,
@rdgreer87 : pomegranate oreo
@rose_lunatone13 : Margarita. Flan, Pineapple upside down cake,Belgian waffles, maple bacon, green tea, sweet potato.
@rose_lunatone13 : Ambrosia, fruit salad, avocado
@alesia_cullen : Neapolitan ice cream
@alesia_cullen : strawberry shortcake
@schuylark : Nothing says summer like a trip to Disney and the taste of a Dole Whip. Pineapple, coconut and lime on a vanilla cookie.
@donovan.drc : grape filling with strawberry cookies._.
@mrs_jordannicole : I will forever be in love with sweet and salty flavors. I think a buttered popcorn filling on a vanilla cookie would hit the spot. My mouth is watering! : Rainbow flavord
@reesereja : Toronto...
@rlena.mcc : sweet avocados filling
@xo_zoemc : Please come to London!!! I ❤️Oreos!!!!!!!

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