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New Choco Chip Flavored Oreo Cookies. All the comfort of home, no oven necessary.

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@really__rebecca : Strawberry shortcake
@really__rebecca : Pancakes with maple syrup
@really__rebecca : I put chocolate on my chocolate
@really__rebecca : Chocolate coffee bean Oreo (caffeinated)
@fierysirene : Death By Chocolate
@fierysirene : German Chocolate Cake
@fierysirene : Cinnamon Apple Cake
@fierysirene : Chocolate Chip Mint
@daangthats_vaeh : Neapolitan
@daangthats_vaeh : Strawberry
@anahumphrey : mexican hot chocolate
@soul4real504 : Peach cobbler oreo
@anna.grace04 : Inside out Cookie! Vanilla Cookie and chocolate creme!
@hi.im_rosemary : Butter popcorn oreos
@artmajorgyrl : Chocolate turtle Oreo
@jem3372 : You guys had alarming levels of roundup found in your cookies. Wtf?!?!?? Used to eat them, but I don't want my cookies with a side of disease. Thanks for loading your stuff with processed crap 😒🙄🙅🏼
@laquette22 : Chocolate covered strawberries
@cbonessi : Lemon poppyseed Oreos! A luscious, buttery shortbread cookie filled with a creamy lemon poppyseed filling 🍋🏖
@getfreshboy : 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 banana pudding golden Oreo
@murray_tribe : Hey , when are you gonna do us all a solid and bring back the golden oreo with the toasted coconut cream center?! 😍
@judy_le01 : German chocolate cake Oreo
@mimi_r04 : Oreo+cookie=
@getfreshboy : Banana pudding golden Oreo

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